February 2, 2011

Symposium Concepting

Typography: one of the basic elements of graphic design. But more than that, typography is something that you experience non-stop, all day. This (poster/postcard/whatever artifact they’re reading off of) is typography. The girl wearing sweatpants with the word “juicy” on the back? That’s typography. The alphabet cereal you had for breakfast? The book you’re reading for English? The little smilie face you put at the end of your last text? Of course, all are forms of typography. But what are some of the kinds of typography you don’t see everyday? Come to the (symposium name here) to learn about the broad spectrum of what is TYPE.

Abstract to Practical: A Typographic Exploration

Type: An Exploration Of The Written Laguage

Typographic Breakdown: The construction and deconstruction of all things type.

Letter Mania

Now You Read It, Now You Don’t

It’s not all Books and Posters: Type explanations and experiments of KCAI graphic design students.

Typographic Map: Covering all corners of what lies within its borders.

ty·pog·ra·phy - Defining and redefining type.
[tahy-pog-ruh-fee] - Defining and redefining type.

I shot the serif: wrangling the elusive typography.

Typography Trapeze: A circus of exhibits and activities revolving around the world of type.

Since we have another snowday, and therefor a while before we review this list, it is subject to change between now and then. :)

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