February 9, 2011

C/ID Reading

Branding to think about:
  • Signage
  • advertisements
  • printed material
These can all have their own look at feel, but the overall brand of them must be cohesive. Consistency is key, of course. It seems like when creating a brand to put on these materials, in the case of several of the examples, the more simple, the better. With a large, clear, and simple design for a logo, the Frieze Art Fair could be applied everywhere. And the simple colors were enough to make the signage identifiable (as well as the categories the corresponded with, I'm guessing) but not so crazy that they were their own art piece.
Which also makes me think, there are certain times when it is best for the brand to NOT be overstated. Too much going on is overwhelming.

That's not to say, though, that the imagery can have its time to shine. My favorite assortment of brand applications is the Mori Art Museum. It has a simple but very bold design, with several elements that the designers can alternate across different media. Something to consider? Yes.

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