February 15, 2011

Subculture: Camera Journal


So, the quality of most of the photos we got back from the camera journal were not the best quality. But this isn't really a surprise, and it's fine they came out like this. The real gem of this research collection method was the descriptions that our interviewee filled out for us.
Not only did she help describe some of the more difficult-to-see pictures, but she gave us some insight into her feelings towards the objects. She stressed her dependence on some of the things pictured, like the therapist and the nurse. She also took a lot of pictures of different part of her home. While she did this to show the different contraptions she had to use from day to day, to us, this painted a bigger picture to us, showing us that they sometimes have to modify or renovate their whole homes so it is compatible with the person they are caring for.
She also revealed some of the frustrations that she had within some of the pictures she took, which is something she didn't really discuss the first time we interviewed her. She talked about how the wheelchair was a lot more trouble that it might seem as first, from the most obvious inconveniences to the smallest things like the fact that she couldn't have rugs or carpet (otherwise the chair would snag).

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