August 28, 2010

Rhetoric F+S

Source: Designer - Jason Munn / The Small Stakes

This Poster is an example of the rhetoric term hyperbole. The leaves, symbolizing the season of Death Cab for Cutie's tour, are huge in comparison to the cityscape. Or perhaps it's the cityscape that is tiny in comparison to the leaves. Eitherway, it's a cute example of a visual element being exaggerated to help convey their message.

Source: Design Army
This image is worth making bigger, because there are several visual rhetorics going on in it. It's a set of coasters made by Design army, with strange holidays illustrated on them. But the one that I would like to point out is this banana coaster. It's an image relay, where with no text, this would not make much sense. But But adding the words "Nude Day" underneath, we associate this banana with undressing. It's personified and takes on human qualities as it takes its clothing (peel) off.

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  1. Good finds. I enjoy the flat graphic quality in both. Both are correctly identified.