August 31, 2010

Poem Choices

  1. A Box. (medium)
  2. Careless Water. (medium)
  3. A Piece of Coffee. (long)
  4. Nothing Elegant. (short)
  5. A Red Stamp (short)
  6. A Time to Eat. (short)
  7. A Little Called Pauline. (long)
  8. Book. (long)
  9. Rhubarb. (short)
  10. Single Fish. (medium)
  11. Potatoes. (very short)
  12. Butter. (medium)
  13. Eating. (long)

Dimensions - something smaller. After messing around with some different paper sizes, I really like the dimensions 6.5"x8" I like the wider paper, but keeping it portrait, instead of landscape.
Also, after scoping out the paper selections at Cold Snow, I chose a nice, thick, ivory-colored paper with lots of texture to it.

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