August 30, 2010

The Folly and The Bad Plus

First, a lovely visit to the Folly Theater. It's got a lot of history, but needs money to have a bright future! Hopefully our poster will help create some more revenue for them. Some good questions were answered during our visit. We also got to see where our posters could be going.
Here's the street corner that The Folly sits on. Gotta keep in mind that our posters need to be readable from that street! And for people walking by, too.
The mood board helped a lot when coming up with the rhetoric tropes. Here's a close up and a full view, photos courtesy of the lovely Karen.

Some brain-storming for the rhetoric tropes too. It's been a while since I did a mind-map; I had to do a second one once I started working on the tropes! I'm still not satisfied with what I've got, so I'll probably be doing at least one more.

And here's some of the rhetoric matrix. Some of the symbols that I used were piano keys, thebands instruments, storms/lighting, dynamite, the bands actual name, sheet music/music lines, etc.

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