November 10, 2009

Taxonomy Proposal

For my book of marks, I would like to do a Japanese binding to mirror the haiku, which I would like to incorporate into my book. For the dementions, I am kinda still stuck; I like the idea of having a smaller (more pocket-sized) book, like 6x6. But I'm afraid that with such a small format, the book would become rather thick, so maybe a large 9x9 size would be better?

As for the organizations, I would like to sort them first by the tool they were made with, in relation to the line of the haiku they're from.

Line 1: Crossing it Alone
  • footprint
  • eye dropper
Line 2: in cold moonlight...the brittle bridge
  • ice
  • wood
  • lantern
  • glass
Line 3: echoes my footsteps
  • shoe 1
  • shoe 2
In addition to sorting them by line, then by tool, I would like to arrange each section of marks in order of mark weight. I'd like to create some sort of flow or gradation on each page So it would go haiku line>tool used>density of mark.

The white outlines would not be in the actual book though, those were just to help me remember to stay away from the edge where it would be bound, since you tend to lose a lot of the page in Japanese page binding.

Here are a few things I'm not sure about; things I'd like to jot down so I don't forget them:
  • Is 12 marks to a page too many?
  • black background or white? I did the thumbnail in black but now I'm leaning towards white/ @_@
  • still considering other book formats, perhaps O-binding that would allow for two-sided pages?
  • paper weight thick vs thin

  1. density
  2. dark
  3. light
  4. large
  5. tiny
  6. geometric shape (circular, box, triangle)
  7. cleanliness
  8. movement
  9. tool used
  10. clarity of tool

  1. haiku line mark corresponds with
  2. loneliness
  3. cold
  4. brittle
  5. movement
  6. traveling
  7. sadness
  8. noise
  9. strength
  10. weathered

1 comment:

  1. Try any of the standard and visually pleasing proportions:
    1x1, 1x2, 2x3, 2x4.

    Go small and hand-held for a personal feel or really go big for impact.

    A clear gradation is a good organization structure, and also produces a visually pleasing result.

    The quantity is up to you - small to large.

    Those dark black borders are breaking up the space and too dominating. Think of the page as a singular composition, not just separate marks.

    I can see how you are organizing by denotation (the tool, the density) but how do you inform the reader of the connotations?