November 7, 2009

Color Color Color

Here's what I've got so far for the color photography! It's pretty easy to see which color combination each is (I hope). Initially, my theme was candy. But as I continue to take photography, I'm considered the idea of broadening the theme to something like sweets? I'll sit on the thought a bit longer though before I decide.



Color Vibration

By the way, I don't expect to eat all this candy, so once I'm done with it, it's a FFA for whoever wants some. :)

1 comment:

  1. I have to preface, I am being particularly particular with my comments, for the best work possible.
    1. This seems like a good theme for you, Sweet.
    With so much white in the composition, maybe consider Itten's contrast of HUE. Jsut a thought.
    Nice so far.
    2. so awesome!!!!!! There is some reddish, purplish hint coming form the penguins jacket. this shows up to me a a hue....with the intent of achromatic. this would a opportunity for some slight color-correction. We will start that demo process in next week. Please keep a copy of original shot when attempting color correcting.

    Great start.