November 22, 2009

Fill in the Missing Pieces

Here's what I've got for the color study photographs (click for a larger, clearer image.) Now it's just a matter of filling in the blanks! Triad shouldn't be too difficult to find, and then I just have to choose one more Itten color contrast, and a few Munsells. I imagine the color scores will prove to be the most difficult, given that my subject matter typically has high-chroma colors only (who wants to eat gray candy, blech.) I'm doing one last sweep through the candy-saavy places around here, then I'll finish this up while I'm on the (kind of) break! :)


  1. the small thumbnails are very interesting in and of themselves.

    Shouldn't be too hard to find multi hue changes for the circular scores and several are single hue changes. If any one can find them, I trust it will be you.
    So far so good and great work sticking with a challenging theme!!!!!

  2. 1) looking closer, I see an image with various values of lt purple is listed as a horizontal score. in Munsell's horizontal, the saturation level changes, but not the value....check to see if label is correct. 2)image listed as circle, would be Circular. 3) four remaining images should be some of the easier to obtain. great study, thus far.