October 4, 2011

Phase 2 Final

In order to begin the rebranding process, I first refined the objective statement for Half-Price books.

"Through rebranding Half Price Books, I would like to downplay their emphasis of affordability while raising awareness of their strong roots in the green movement, all while using playful and nostalgic aesthetics to appeal to a book-loving audience."
Keeping the key attributes (playful, nostalgic, and eco-friendliness) in mind, I began the iterative process of creating the 3 different directions. That is, after changing the name to “Early Birds.” The intention of this change was to meet the part of my objective that states to “downplay their emphasis of affordability.”

One direction personifies the letter “e,” turning it in a light and playful bird. The second direction that I pursued is a more solid, formal brandmark that took the shape of both a book and the initials of the new company name. The third direction, which I now intend to move forward with, simply consists of a monogram. The supporting elements of each brand fill out the attributes that the brandmarks did not cover. Check out the scribd for all the details!

Kelsey Anderson Phase 2

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