January 31, 2011

USA Today Wireframes

The Winnerrrrr:
The design that I'm going to move forward with is a modular design. This webpage is meant to be totally customizable. In the first page, the user (Stacy_007) has arranged her news categories in to how important they are to her. The same thing is happening on the next page, where she has click into the category "news" and she has also arranged the subcategories to her liking. Although, on this page, categories that she sees as unimportant are still present on the screen. They're just much smaller. From there, she can choose and article, which she can annotate as she reads. When she's done reading, she can choose to submit her annotations as comments, and see what other people had to say about it.

Other layouts:

I'll be working elements of these pages into the chosen layout.


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