January 31, 2011

Design research, Designing for Interaction

Designing for Interaction

  • qualitative - is a smaller range and asks why and how
  • quantitative- more general statistics, asks what. Really large groups surveyed.
  • Qualitative is the kind of research that we want to do because it is more personal and gives us an idea of aspects like the cultures behaviors, values, motivations.
  • It's essential to remain neutral toward the group you're researching, even though you need to be empathetic.
  • Being ethical is also essential with interacting with the audience.
  • Collect information long enough, and patterns will emerge. This is what you map.
  • When interviewing, note things besides their answers. Note the tone in their voice, body language, etc.
Design Research
  • we must both observe an interpret:
  • behaviors
  • cultures
  • belief systems
  • attitudes

Ethnography - the study pf people in their own environment
It's important that as designers we are familiar with ethnography, so that we can research and analysis the people we are trying to appeal to.

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