January 28, 2010

The Stories

Old Family Recipe

  1. Bag of Groceries
  2. Old Cookbook
  3. Turkey Baster
  4. Fresh Veggies
  5. Set of Knives
  6. Broken Eggs
  7. Dirty Bowl and Spoon
  8. Oven
  9. Timer
  10. Fire Alarm
  11. Burned Meal
  12. Pizza Box
Japanese Tea Ceremony

  1. Lotus Flower
  2. Tea Whisk
  3. Tea Bowl
  4. Kimono
  5. Sashimi (it's a meal served on those little wooden plate/stands)
  6. Flower Arrangements
  7. Tea Cup with Tea Inside
  8. Sake Bottle
  9. Shoes (not on feet, removed)
  10. Sitting Mat
  11. "Dango" (a kind of treat served?)
  12. Hair Pin

I'm more interested in the first story, so that's the one that I'm going to look up images for. I'm not sure it's a strong title though, so I'll continue thinking about that as I find the descriptive photos of the objects. :)

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