January 27, 2010

Photographic Semiotics

A study of the breakdown of semiotics as a personal description:


I'm going to stick with the most literal photos for this section, as it is supposed to be a physical representation of myself. At first this was the category I was least comfortable with, but after spending a while in the photo booth, it seems that icons are the area of semiotics that are easiest, after overcoming the fear of having to photograph yourself. I feel like I've got some solid starts on icons, so I'm going to focus my time on the other two categories for the most part. But if time allows, I'd like to continue to explore more methods/styles for these too.

Index is easy enough to understand, but pretty hard to accurately execute. I don't have a lot of "signature" items, or better said, I haven't found them yet. So I'll be working harder on this, while trying to make sure that I've got a visually appealing image.

I had fun with icons, but I'm going to keep working on this category as well. The pig is a successful example of a symbol, but not one I necessarily want to putout as a representation of myself (once it's printed it's permanent!). Also, I think the glasses would be better suited to go in my index section. And again, I need to make sure that these image both meet the rules of their label, and are visually compelling! No more boring photos!

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