September 18, 2009

Reading Response Transparency

While the dot compositions should be strong enough to convey the meaning of the word they represent without explanation, layering the text strengthens the piece and adds additional complexity. As the dots and text both progress and begin to come together in my book, it's really interesting to see how they begin to interact with each other when overlaid. Even though the arrangment of both are completely different, they all seem to work really well together, neither overpowering the other, and the information overlay seems to be working without any snags.

It will be very interesting to see what each page will look like once printed on the transparency. I tried to keep my ideas for the compositions of each half separate, to allow for some "magical" surprises to happen when they overlap. But I don't want to be too surprised, so at this point in the project I'm thinking of both parts when I work on the final compositions . I'm going to continue to refine both halves of the project to make sure than when added together, they are harmonious.

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  1. Good that you connect the reading to your own project experience here - and also let me know how you plan to utilize these lessons in your work.