September 3, 2009

Learning the Tools of the Trade

Here are some of the line drawings that I have been working on for color-drawing-form. They've been cropped down a lot so they fit on the webpage, but rest assured - they're all perfectly centered on a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. Crisp and clean. :)Orthographic drawings of a square, a circle, a triangle, and a rounded rectangle. Initially, it was a little tough figuring out all of the lines, and getting the shapes exactly centered was difficult (since I tried to center the largest, front side, drawing, and then the other views were off center). But after doing several, it became easier, and I move on to:

1" = 1' Filing Cabinet Drawing

I overlaid the scan with another scan containing some of my rough sketches that included the measurements of the dementions of the cabinet. It was trickier than the practice shapes, but I guess that's the point. The most difficult part was definitely the drawer though, as it did not line up with the very top of the cabinet. Tricky, tricky stuff. I think I learned a lot though.

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