August 27, 2009

Work It All At Once

The readings, Type and Image and Graphic Design Sources gave a lot of insight as to the uniqueness of graphic design in comparison to other forms of art (like architecture and painting, as mentioned in Type and Image). I was already aware that graphic design is a form of communication. But these two readings broadened my understanding of how distinctive design is as it's own language, almost like it's own society. But you must be able to understand many specialized elements of design, in a sense "layering," as Hiebert says. It is easy to understand and work well in a particular niche, but unless you are able to culture yourself in the many different elements of design, you are depriving yourself of a well-rounded knowledge. Keeping up with the ever-changing elements of design, as well as avoiding fads and unoriginal ideas is essential to staying on top of the fast-moving industry of design and gaining the experience needed to stand out among others.

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